Coffee… a weight control option?

If you’re like me and a little bit on the “fluffy” side, then this could be the medical breakthrough of the century! Maybe that is a tad bit dramatic but still this study could be just what the doctor ordered. PhD candidate Matt Schubert and Associate Professor Ben Desbrow from Griffith University’s Centre for Health Practice Innovation are conducting research into the question of “how does caffeine affect your appetite.
In a News Medical article he is quoted as saying “Anecdotally, people have reported feeling less hungry after consuming a coffee, and some people prefer to have coffee instead of breakfast. However, when you observe what people pair with their coffees in a coffee shop setting, you see consumption of high-fat, sweet foods. What we want to explore is whether there is an effect of coffee on food preference and what the implications of this might be for weight control.”

Participants in the study are undergoing 4 trials. They get two coffee drinks, one with a breakfast meal and one two hours later. Over a period of 4-5 hours the researchers assess participants on their perceptions of hunger, fullness, and liking and wanting of particular foods.

Schubert says “So far, we’re seeing a decrease in hunger and increase in fullness in the caffeinated coffee condition, a trend we’re not observing with decaffeinated coffee or caffeine alone for some individuals. This may be important for weight control, as any decrease in appetite could help reduce food intake.”