Computer.. one mocha!

What will they think of next? Word on the street is that there’s a new coffee technology in town and to say its unique would be an understatement. Briggo is a startup coffee company based in Texas that has created what has been billed as the first robotic coffee kiosk.

It seems to be very simple to use. Swipe a credit or debit card, choose your drink as well as customize it (more sugar, less milk for example). An attendant is on hand to place a cup under the machine and in a couple minutes you will have perfect coffee.

“Precision is everything,” says president and CEO Kevin Nater. “You get a command from a cloud and a sequence is called up. After that, everything is measured to the 10th of a gram, and your coffee comes out through this silver door.”

You can also order online or via your mobile phone although they haven’t exactly said how that affects your wait time. They have also added a couple personalization options. You can name your coffee and then save it online. It means you can easily retrieve it the next time you want to order. You can even post it on Facebook although I think that’s going a little too far…who really wants to know how you like your coffee??

The machine is on trail in Texas but they plan to expand in a couple years. Who knows, this might be the start of a new trend and machines will pop up everywhere… airports, train stations, the possibilities are endless! It sounds futuristic, but the future seems to be right now…

Check out for yourself.