Don’t throw away the grounds!

Coffee grounds normally just head straight into the trash. Ever wondered though, if there were some other uses for it? Wonder no more, instead enjoy these practical ways to give new life to your old grounds.

Coffee grounds make an excellent exfoliant for your skin. Simply massage over skin and rinse. Follow up with your favourite scented soap/body wash unless you love to smell like a cup of joe.

Add coffee grounds to your indoor and outdoor plants for a cheap and easy fertilizer. This works best for plants that flourish in acidic soil. You can even make a liquid fertilizer version. Add 2 cups of water to 5 gallons of water. Leave overnight. Use whenever necessary.

Snails and slugs are said to be repelled by coffee grounds so try sprinkling some by those plants you rather not be lunch for these slimy visitors. It’s also said to repel ants.

Make your freezer smell good again by placing a bowl of coffee grounds in it. A few drops of vanilla and voila: freshness!

Get rid of those yucky smells after cleaning or cooking by rubbing some grounds on your hands.

Fishing for worms? Mix coffee grounds into your bait worm container. Worms love coffee grounds. Don’t use too much though else the acidity will bother them.

Soak in warm water to create a dye for your next craft project.

If you find that you don’t have enough coffee grounds, pay a visit to your local coffee shop. They will be more than happy to save some coffee grounds for you. Have fun!

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