Enjoy the outdoors even more with fresh espresso

Its summertime and if you love the outdoors then chances are that you’ll be heading out into the wilderness some time soon. Part of the whole outdoor experience is that your miles away from electricity. What does that mean for your coffee habit? Well you can look at it two ways – one, it’s the perfect time to quit although quitting coffee is never a good idea…its just too yummy or two, you can add the Airspresso to your “to pack” list.

What is the Airspresso? It’s a new device that produces espresso using air pressure (80-120 psi) instead of steam or a water pump. The manufacturer’s website claims it’s quite easy – “making a quality espresso is a simple process load the basket with coffee. Fill with hot water and pump. By using hot water rather than supercharged stream many of the bitter extracts normally flushed out remain in the grinds allowing a smooth almost sweet high crema shot to be produced. As a by product of the production method the final crema layer is foamed by the air pressure.”

With a weight of only 250 gms, dimensions of 65 x 110mm and constructed of “anodised aerospace aluminium, engineering plastic and brass”, the Airspresso promises to be durable and perfect for camping, cycling trip, hiking, etc. With those kinds of specs, your biggest problem might not be where to fit the device but actually deciding how many packs of coffee you can take along with you.

Source: http://www.airspresso.com.au/