You look like coffee

Companies are always doing things to stand out and coffee shops are no different. With a skilled barista behind the counter, your coffee becomes a work of art with flowers, characters and even 3d “designs” (remember this guy? Link to 3d article). One company in Taiwan has gone decidedly high-tech and is now offering a unique “design” on their coffee: you!
That’s right… while ordering a coffee at Let’s Café, a coffee kiosk that can be found in Family Mart convenience stores all over Taiwan, you are given the chance take a photo and send it to the special coffee machine. The machine then “prints” your face (using a drinkable powder) right on the foam resulting in the most unique coffee you’ll ever drink.
Pretty cool right? While some may argue that this is just a gimmick of sorts, I for one applaud the company for thinking outside of the box. It’s definitely a creative take on personalized coffee. I’m guessing though that the designs don’t last very long and after a few shakes, it’s gone. So be careful when you bring your boss a cup of joe.