Practical Uses For Recycled Coffee

Don’t Throw Away Those Coffee Grounds!
In case you are one of those people who are still throwing your used coffee grounds in the garbage, you may be surprised to know there are plenty of practical uses for recycled coffee grounds. While they may have given us the best of themselves for your coffee drinking pleasure, they still have much to give a second or third time around.

Instead of throwing out pounds of used coffee grounds every week, why not try some of these tips for using recycled coffee. There are also some great uses for fresh coffee grounds around the house.

If your refrigerator emanates a mixture of foul odors every time you open the door, put a bowl of unused, fresh coffee grounds inside. Leave the grounds for a few days and the nasty refrigerator odors will be absorbed. You may find yourself craving a cup of coffee whenever you open the door and smell the fresh coffee aroma.

Used coffee grounds can be used to get rid of smells on your hands. Garlic, onions and fish smells can linger on your hands. Rub some used coffee grounds through your hands and rinse with warm water. Not only will you get rid of the bad smell, but you will exfoliate dry skin at the same time.

Used coffee grounds also make great compost. The grounds are rich with potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and copper, and they release nitrogen into the soil as they are degrading. They are also slightly acidic which is good for many soils.

If ants are a problem, coffee grounds are the solution. For outside populations of ants just sprinkle the grounds around the ant populations. For ants that have taken up residence inside the home, put the grounds around the foundation of the house and any other areas that they may gaining entrance.

If cats are using your garden as their litter box, just sprinkle used coffee grounds on the soil and the cats will no longer want anything to do with your garden.

Coffee grounds are mildly acidic and abrasive which makes them great for scrubbing countertops, ranges and refrigerators. Use them as is or mix the grounds with a little dish soap for a cheap and effective, non-toxic cleaner.
Furniture scratches will disappear simply by rubbing instant coffee dampened with hot water to make a paste. Repeat the until the scratch is the same color of the surrounding wood.

You now have even more reasons to drink coffee. This magic little bean not only gives us great taste and energy but has multi-purposes to help around the house.