Perfect every time?

Tired of having coffee that is a little darker than you wanted it to be or that café au lait having more lait than café? The folks over at Suck UK have designed a mug that may just solve your problems and promises a cupppa that is “perfect every time”. They are called MyCuppa mugs and the premise is quite simple, and a little bit genius to boot.

There are strips running down the inside of the mugs, similar to that of a paint swatch. Simply choose which type of coffee you want, then pour it into the mug and add milk until it has reached the desired hue. The hue strips come in Milky, Regular, Dark and Strong and Black.

That should certainly clear up some confusion, especially when you have guests over. After all there is nothing more embarrassing than someone asking for milky coffee and you hand them a regular cup.

If you fancy a cup of tea now and then or like me and now delving into the world of tea, we have not been forgotten. There is a tea style also on offer. The hue strips come in Milky, Classic British, Builders Brew and Just Tea. Now if I could only figure out just exactly what Builders Brew is.

These mugs retail at £7.50 for either version of the mug and are available online from either Amazon or Suck UK’s website. Enjoy!